SOAPUI can’t load MS Dynamics CRM 2015 wsdl

SOAP UI and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 have a lot of new features and functionality, but when I was importing Microsoft Dynamics CRM WSDL in SOAP UI  keep giving me errors on the tool, and can’t  load the WSDL that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Organization service page provides.

Keep getting the following error messages:

Error: type ‘DateTimeBehavior@’ not found

Error: type ‘ArrayOfEntityKeyMetadata@’ not found

Error: type ‘KeyAttributeCollection@’ not found

The issues are related to the SDK Version for the WSDL, and the correct response from the Organization Service.

You need to specify the SDKVersion=7.1 and to get the full list for the WSDL with the value WSDL=wsdl0

The correct and full URL for the organization service that SOAP UI will be able to load is the following:

After adding those parameters to the URL, SOAPUI will load all the missing or not found metadata elements and definitions, now you can create test connections.

Have fun with the new features in SOAP UI and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

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