Mobile Video Recording and Resources

I begin recording outside my office; My office have all the tools and settings for recording my videos, however I want it to been able not only to record inside my office but include interviews and connect with other people on events, so I started working on taking my camera with me and adding external microphones, but some times this is to bulky and not easy to carry.
The next idea came from some of the video blogs from Gideon Shalwick and how he is been creating mobile video recordings using his IPhone and the following resources.

This is the Camera I use for photos and sometimes for video recording, I will always look for portability and also get the item as a package or bundle with other items, this is almost the same package I got for my camera.

Use the tools and get comfortable with the process, getting in front of the camera is the most important thing, getting comfortable in talking, and getting your point across are the best skills you will get with a lot of practice.

happy video blogging and enjoy!

Abe Saldana.

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