Integration with Dynamics 365 CE and Azure Service Bus

Integration with Dynamics 365 CE and Azure Service Bus using Topics (Publisher/Subscriber Pattern)

Last year and the beginning of this year I have been participating and presenting different interesting topics for several different User Groups, also my company and other customers requested that I presented the same content and it’s interesting the response and the request to present the same information.

This topic started a few years ago when someone requested to implement and integrate with Azure and Dynamics CRM 2015, the initial presentation had a lot more complexity and the demos took a lot of time to complete, due to the authentication with Azure was implemented as ACS ( Access Control Services) and it was to complex to create the profile and the rules that will allow the integration. Dynamics 2016 and Dynamics 365 CE has changed the way to connect and authenticate with Azure using the SAS (Shared Access Signature) this updated authentication allow to configure and create the Service EndPoints in a couple minutes, allowing me to do the demo in a range of 30 mins, testing the connectivity and create record and send the information to Azure Service Bus Topics and Subscription using JSON messages.

I want to be more transparent to most of the people that requested the presentation slides and was more interested in the links that are included as part of the presentation, other developers are more interested in the source code presented as part of the demo.

To embrace all request, and allow most of the developers and customer gain access to the presentation, I decided to create this short blog and include as much information and the resource components as the speaking presentation.


The following is the Presentation Documentation using the Office Viewer:


You can Download the file on the following Links and get the documentation:


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Please send me your feedback, and questions regarding the blog post or new ideas for new upcoming blog post.  please also leave a comment as part of the blog post review.


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