How to Hide a Ribbon Button

Deprecated for Dynamics CRM 2016 and Dynamics 365 v9!

Working on Contact customizations I encounter that the customer does not want to allow the users to click the button New, and only the System Administrators have the capability to Create new records.

The business need was that the integration application will bring the new records from an external application and the users will be able to read and append information, but not to create, I also created a Security Role for that but researching I found that also can be done in client side.


// Hide a Ribbon Button
var btnNewRecord = top.document.getElementById("incident|NoRelationship|Form|Mscrm.Form.incident.NewRecord"); = 'none';


The 3rd option was to create a copy of the form an only allow the System Administrators to have access to the New button.

So there are many different ways for a solution, it depends what is the best for your business request.





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