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CRMBuzz001 Podcast


CRMBuzz001 Introduction | Show Formalities | What to Expect

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Hey this is Abe Saldana welcome to session number one of CRMBUZZ the podcast

take it DJ!!!!

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Welcome to the very first episode of CRMBuzz the podcast.
finally is here it been a long time that i want it to begin podcasting and filnaly it’s here!

my first podcast!!!!!!……

this is the initial episode and i want to introduce myselft and the formalities for the show,
how it benefits me but more importantly it will benefits you and why should keep listening in the future.

My name is Abraham Saldana or Abe for short, been a consulant for more than 15+ years and been working mostly as web developer, and now as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions Architech, been involved in development and implementations, have a passion for technology and development, I was also involved with Dallas .net user group for some time, now I just help with minor thing when I have the time to attend the meetings.

I decided to begin a podcast beacuse,
I think my mic skills and public speaking skills need a lot of improvement and this podcast will help me sharp those skills

another reasons i decided to start a podcasting and how this could benefit the community too,

I think the show will require a little participation from the community, I have plans to include interview, formal and informal interviews with people on the product team, MVP’s and mostly I want to get the participation from the commnity, the developers and consultants on the field.

if you are interested and participate on the show please let us know and we can include your interview, comments or your favorate topics in future shows

now let talk about the format of the show.
this recording is going to be a little bit short,
beacuse is our first episode but a normal episode would be like this
so it will be about 25 minutes in length,

so its long enough to get really into depth on one or two particular topics or interviews
and its short enough so I don’t drag you along and waste your time.

I think this will force me; to make sure we hit on really important points rigth away.

and let see we are going to cover one or two topics regarding CRM, development, implementation, SDK updates, Roll ups, productivity and some times we can have a special guest an have a short interview (but fun and entretaining)
Now that is a lot to cover in 25 minutes but i think we’re going to really get a lot good and uselful information.

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* Events

Convergence 2014 in Atlanta Georgia
March 4-7 2014 in Atlanta
Get more information and registration on the following site

* Roll Up #1
Update Rollup 1 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is available

* SDK Updates
SDK Update Version 6.0.2 updated for UR1

User Interface Integration (UII) solution framework, which includes a development guide and api reference.
UII uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM for delivery data configuration related to the Integrated Agent Desktop.
Applications built with UII can provide unified access to customer information across different systems and can aggregate different modes of customer interactions or channels.

you can search on the Download Center or
I will inlcude the link in the blog post and the podcast description

Files are:

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Alright. Thank you again for listening to this very first session on CRMBuzz podcast. Hope to hear from you again soon and I’ll see you in the next session. Take care. Bye now.

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and remember!

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CRMBuzz extending domain reach! adding more domain extensions to our core!

CRMBuzz is getting more domains to extend the reach for all type of customers and interactions with the main site.

We just acquired the following domain similar to

  • Commercial website starting on 2014
  • Commercial website and training site starting on 2014
  • this will remain tied to the main site ( or

Beginning next year we are looking to get the main web site name ( and getting to a reasonable price at this time the price is 670 us dollars, we will require some time to negotiate a better price.

Abe will be incorporating the names and adding the domain to a different hosting provider, more to come in this  information and the web hosting provider

we are looking for your comments and recommendations for the main web site and the extra site names.

CRMBuzz Administrator!


Mobile Video Recording and Resources

I begin recording outside my office; My office have all the tools and settings for recording my videos, however I want it to been able not only to record inside my office but include interviews and connect with other people on events, so I started working on taking my camera with me and adding external microphones, but some times this is to bulky and not easy to carry.
The next idea came from some of the video blogs from Gideon Shalwick and how he is been creating mobile video recordings using his IPhone and the following resources.

This is the Camera I use for photos and sometimes for video recording, I will always look for portability and also get the item as a package or bundle with other items, this is almost the same package I got for my camera.

Use the tools and get comfortable with the process, getting in front of the camera is the most important thing, getting comfortable in talking, and getting your point across are the best skills you will get with a lot of practice.

happy video blogging and enjoy!

Abe Saldana.