PowerApps Color Consistency

PowerApps provide lots of options when you are designing a coordinated and synchronized color pattern for your applications.

I started looking at some videos from Microsoft on how to design and create a more User appealing application and have an easier way to theme the application or add controls that will look and feel the same way, I was looking a video from Veronica Ward ( Audrie Gordon Youtube channel) and Veronica was mentioning about control consistency and alignment, really important when creating screens and forms to have a good alignment and spacing in between controls for better User interaction but also she display a way to coordinate all controls and colors on the screen.

Find the original blog post on my personal web site and blog… here is the web page PowerApps Color Consistency

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The Good, Best and the Evil! CE v9

What’s new for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Version 9.0!


Microsoft has announced the release of the new version for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Version 9.0 with a number of new features and deprecations that will be included with the release. The presentation for Dynamics 365 Saturday on March 10th 2018, has the most updated details on the features that were included for the developers and information about deprecated functions on the application.

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